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The history of the red-black stripes shirts is one of the less known by the fans. The man responsible for the look of the AC Milan shirt was Herbert Kilpin, one of the Englishman who established AC Milan. Kilpin inspired himself from the English sides shirts, who most of them had at that time a shirt with stripes and a badge with a cross on a background. That's why the Milan badge represents a red cross on a white background.

The twenty years fascist rule imposed Milan to wear a white shirt with two vertical stripes, one black and one red, running down in the center of it. In 1942 the club changed the shirt again, now numbering five vertical red and black stripes.

Kilpin' s original shirt reappeared in two occasions. In 1962 when it was worn with a black collar and in 1978 with a v-neck.

In 1981 Milan was the first team who printed their player names on the back of the shirts. In the same season the club introduced on the shirt a devil image on the right breast. Later on was first introduced a sponsor name on the shirt.

The goalkeeper shirt was usually black, to intimidate the "enemies", but in 1999 a yellow shirt was worn to remember about the winning of the tenth title.

In the centenarial year, 1999, the shirt of Kilpin was re-introduced, with the star on the chest (one star is awarded when the team wins its tenth title and so on) and on each part that covers the arms they stitched a centenarial badge. This shirt was availble only for only one year (16/12/1999 - 16/12/2000).


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