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What Zlatan Ibrahimovic Could Bring to AC Milan?
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ZlatanIbrahimovic was a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. The former AC Milanstriker is arguably one of the best strikers in football history, never failingto impress with his consistent ball control, powerful volleys, and acrobaticstrikes.

TheSwedish footballer physically dominated every pitch he played on until hisretirement in June 2023. Cut to six months later and Ibrahimovic announced he’sreturning to AC Milan, but this time as a senior adviser to AC Milan Ownership,which is led by RedBird and includes the iconic New York Yankees. So, what willZlatan Ibrahimovic bring to AC Milan? Keep reading to find out.

A Diverse Skillset

Whenmost people think of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, they might think of his physicaldominance and charisma on the pitch, or the fact he lifted an incredible 34 trophiesduring his professional career. AC Milan fans will find it impossible to forgethow he led the team to victory, as he helped the club win their first Scudettofor more than a decade only a few years ago. Also, he isn’t only a god amongmen to AC Milan fans, as he made sports betting easy thanks to his amazing football skills. Fans use to observe him live on the stadium, or simply by watching football match on ports streaming platforms such

Inaddition to having an extensive understanding and experience of internationalfootball, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has published three autobiographies, made savvy investmentsin the likes of e-sports and real estate, and has served as a brand ambassadorfor various high-fashion brands. As he has a diverse skillset as a sports starand entrepreneur, Ibrahimovic is sure to become an asset to AC Milan. Forexample, the former footballer’s investment experience lends itself perfectlyto him contributing to AC Milan and RedBird’s investing activities in sports,media, and entertainment. When he’s not finding and evaluating investment opportunities,he will provide RedBird companies with recommendations for commercial projects,strategic brand-building initiatives, and digital content strategies.

Exceptional Leadership

Thereis no question that AC Milan has been well aware of Ibrahimovic’s valuethroughout the years, as he displayed exceptional leadership skills during histime at the club. His professional attitude and knowledge of the sport helpedhim create a winning culture, earning the respect of his teammates, management,and fans worldwide. As he’s ready for a new challenge, the 6-foot-5 strikerwill likely transfer his leadership qualities to his new role as senior advisorto AC Milan and RedBird.

Goodleadership will be essential in this influential role, as he will play an activerole in the business and sporting operations. Also, he will be responsible forgrowing Milan’s international brand and supporting player development.

Extensive FootballConnections

Youdon’t get to be one of the finest strikers in the world and not develop anextensive network of football connections worldwide. Ibrahimovic’s globalrespect and many relationships in the sport will undoubtedly elevate AC Milaninternationally, helping to secure more fans and visitors and generate morerevenue.


ZlatanIbrahimovic broke many hearts when heannounced his retirement from professional football at the San Siro in June2023. However, it appears the Swedish football star’s career at AC Milan is farfrom over. Thanks to his in-depth sporting knowledge, successful entrepreneurialbackground, and extensive network of connections, Zlatan will continue to improvethe club’s growth, reputation, and sporting success in SeriesA. While you won’t be able to tune in to watch him score a strike in theboardroom, you can trust he will do everything in his power to propel the clubhe adores forward in the coming years. 

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