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The Top 3 Clubs in the Serie A 2022
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Since the advent of the sport in the mid-1800s, football has risen in popularity, to become the most popular, beloved, and widely player sport in the entire world. While the game, as we know it now, was invented in England, today, it is played across the world, from its country of origin, throughout Europe, all the way to Asia and Africa. Even in the United States, in recent years, football (or soccer as it is known there) has overtaken hockey, to become the fourth most watched sport in the country.

Among the European countries where football is most beloved, is Italy. The Serie A is one of the top, most watched football leagues in Europe, and more broadly the world. Italians have a great love for this game, and matches played in the Italian league are some of the most popular on betting sites like

The last season, was quite successful for Serie A, and saw some of Italy’s greatest clubs get to shine in a competition that will not soon be forgotten. In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 3 clubs that stood above the competition in the 2021/22 Season.

AC Milan is Ranked Number 1

AC Milan might just be Italy’s best known, and most successful club, though Juventus certainly competes for both of those titles. The club has existed for over 100 years now, and in their time have won 18 FIFA and UEFA trophies, the fourth most amount of trophies won in the history of these competitions. Even more impressive, they’ve spent their entire history playing at the highest tier of Italian football, never dropping in Tier 2.

In the 2021/22 season, they played 38 games in the Serie A. Out of these, they only lost four, and pulled off a tie in 8. The remaining 26 games were all undisputed victories, netting them the number one spot during the season. This victory has garnered them their 19th League title.

Inter Milan is Not Far Behind

Coming in second during this season, Inter Milan is another of Italy’s most reputable clubs. Throughout their history they have won 19 league titles, 8 Coppa Italia and 6 Supercoppa Italiana, for a total of 33 domestic trophies. They have also shown their skills on the international scene, winning the Champions League three times.

In 2022, they came in second at the Serie A, playing a total of 38 games, 25 of which were wins. Much like AC Milan, they only lost 4. However, they managed 9 draws, putting them slightly above their similarly-named competitors.

Napoli Gets the Bronze

Last on the list, coming in at third place with the bronze medal, is the football club Napoli. Out of the 38 games which they played in the 2022 Serie A, they won 24. While this is an admirable achievement, they still lost 7 matches, and managed a tie in another 7. This puts them just below AC Milan and Inter Milan. However, they still managed to outdo Juventus this year, which is a win in-and-of itself.

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