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What are the Biggest Events in Sports?
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Sports has always been a popular pastime in human societies around the world. From the Olympic games in Ancient Greece, all the way to the World Cups in numerous sports today, people just love watching individuals or teams competing against each other. But, the question we ask here is, “What are the biggest events in sports today?” In this article, we are going to answer that question.

FIFA World Cup

There is no denying it, football (or soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. With over 4 billion fans globally, it towers in popularity over any other sports. It is understandable then, that the biggest event in the sport, the FIFA World Cup, is one of the most popular, watched, and beloved sporting events of all time.

Having been played continuously since 1930 (with two exceptions during the Second World War), the World Cup has amassed an audience easily exceeding millions, with the record number of viewers being achieved in 2010 during the match between the USA and Algeria.

The World Cup is also one of the biggest betting events in the world of sports. Online betting sites like offer the option to, not only bet on, but live stream the World Cup matches, which make live betting all the easier. Most wagering sites extensively cover the World Cup matches, as well as, the matches leading up to the World Cup.

In 2022, the World Cup is scheduled to be held in Qatar, and will be played in eight stadiums throughout the country.

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games have a history that dates back all the way to Ancient Greece. While the games today differ wildly from their Ancient counterparts, there are quite a few aspects of the games which serve as a throwback to the Ancient era.

The Olympics are held every two years, alternating between the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics, and last for two weeks. Some of the most popular sports played on an Olympic level include football, gymnastics, figure skating, skiing, boxing, etc.

The most recent Winter Olympic Games are being held in Beijing, China, and began on Feb 4, 2022. So far, Norway has won the biggest amount of gold medals with 15, followed by Germany, China and the United States.

The Super Bowl

American football is the favorite sport in the United States, in terms of viewership. Governed by the National Football League (NFL), American football consistently draws in the largest amount of fans in the country, and the peak of it is definitely achieved during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in American football, being played annually since the 1960s. The first Super Bowl was won by the Green Bay Packers, who are one of America’s most successful football teams.

The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers currently hold the joint record for most Super Bowl wins in history (tied at six), and the most recent Super Bowl was played on Feb 14, 2022, played by the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. The event ended with a score of 23 – 20 in favor of the Rams.

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