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Berlusconi: 'I should be the Coach'
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Source: Football Italia

President Silvio Berlusconi launched a manifesto to the Milan fans, reiterating Leonardo’s faults. “I ought to be the Coach...”

The patron – and Prime Minister of Italy – was criticised by supporters last week for a small transfer budget and his incompatibility with Leonardo.

“Milan need to focus on playing good football now and not drawing games like the one we were winning 2-0 against Napoli at the 90th minute,” Berlusconi told Milan Channel.

“Nor should we fail to realise the danger posed by Douglas Maicon in the second derby against Inter. At times I really ought to be the Coach...”

That was yet another public snipe at Leonardo’s tactics, having reproached him during yesterday’s sponsorship dinner for “never doing what I told him to.”

Berlusconi also had words of warning for the fans who have been complaining about his lack of investment.

“It is not true that I don’t spend money. In the last five seasons I’ve spent an average of £54m a year,” continued Berlusconi.

“To those fans who urge me to sell up the club, I reply that I love Milan and will never sell this club to someone who is unworthy or couldn’t make it even greater.

“The famous emirate who could make Milan better than it already is simply doesn’t exist. In times of economic crisis, it isn’t even easy to imagine a buyer and I would never sell to the first person who came along.”

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