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The Year Of Derbies
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This was written by Kyara in our forums. She asked us if we're kind enough to post this as a column. Apparently, we are! To give her the deserved feedback, just use the forums.
* our comment *

The year of the derbies has come to and end, though it will never end in our hearts. Three derbies, three wins and a final against Juve! A final that took every Milanista's breath away. A final that lasted for 130 minutes, but for us, felt like it was going to last forever... It was only a moment, when Sheva stepped to shoot the ball... It was only a moment before he put his leg, when every street and every corner in the world was painted red and black to reveal the new Champions of Europe! As the curtains of the theatre of dreams were opening, the greatest stars of all time took a long bow of respect for their fans who have been waiting for so long. For so long have we been thirsty for a trophy, for so long have we been longing to release this loud shout inside of us and say "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!"

We are the champions of all time, we are the heroes hiding under the covers of success... We are now proud to say, with the highest cry in the world, "WE ARE NOT GONE YET"... YES!, it has been a long time and YES!, we haven't always been the best! But at the end, when the hard times take a long peak and disturb your huge plans, there's only the experience and the name which can save you and take you to the top. And yesterday, that name was MILAN!!

It is enough for us to look at Gatusso's determination and sense the security in our midfield. It is enough for us to look at Sheva and know that there will be a goal. Somehow, somewhere in the sea of those minutes... One look at his eyes when he proceeded to take the penalty, and I can see the will, the desire and the confidence in his eyes... One look at him and my heart shouted out loud "Sheva, I trust you and believe in you"!! It felt like the time had stopped and the ball was going through a long journey ... A journey that took us to Munich and forced the champions of their country to wave goodbye ... A journy that flew through the alleys of Deportivo to tell it's people that there is no way to pass the champions ... A journey that told our players "YOU CAN'T GIVE UP" when Ajax were showing their class ... And finally a journey that didn't want to leave the great city of Milano as it belongs to one side of it , the red and black side!!!!! All these memories passed in our minds just before Sheva pressed the "stop" button to bring us back to the lovely reality ... To tell us that right now he is also a champion, just like Ronaldo, just like Raul and just like anyone else who lifted this precious cup.

Seedorf's tears dropped generously and proudly, now that he's a player who won the Champions league three times. Rui Costa's first ever trophy after his loyal years in his second home Florence. Maldini, the symbol and the captain can now be very proud of the team he worked to build. Pippo Inzaghi, whom without his goals we wouldn't have been in that final. Max Ambrossini who gets the greatest gift of his birthday after being such a great gift for us. Pirlo, the genius brain of the team. Redondo, who waited with us and came back with a strong desire. Serginho, who causes a chill in the hearts of our rivals. Dalla Bona, who was useful for us in Coppa. Nesta, the inspiraion added to the spirit of our defense. Billy, the experience running on the pitch. Kaladze, the never melting snow on the left. Simic was with us all the way even if he wasn't there yesterday. Brocchi, the new twin of Gennaro Gattuso. Roque, who suffered from the injury but stayed and struggled. Rivaldo, who had done well at the beginning of the season even if he didn't do a lot later. Tomasson, our big and young striker. Dida, the king of penalties. Abbiati, the patient derby hero. And finally, CARLETTO ANCELOTTI!!!! Who has proved to me and who has taught me that there is a beginning for everything, that there is always a first time. Carletto is not a loser for me anymore. In so true words, I apologize maestro. And in so true words I say today that there is no joy on this earth as the joy of supporting MILAN!!!



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