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Terim already deserves thanks
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It comes as no surprise that newly appointed coach Fatih Terim, has already landed in troubled waters after Milan kicked-off its Serie A campaign with a tedious and nerve-racking 2-2 draw at Brescia. As quick as the Italian media and fans were to praise the arrival of il imperatore, they seemed twice as fast to retract their compliments and give the signal to Carlo Ancelotti to shed his warm ups and start stretching. Sadly, this is exactly the type of harsh criticism and pressure that comes with the job of coaching one of the titans of Europe, something I’m sure Terim anticipated. True you could pin the first half debacle of the rossoneri to the devastating injury of Rui Costa, but it seems no one wants to hear excuses, only solutions. Well, I for one could not be happier with our coach and the amount of progress that has been achieved thus far. People are to quick to overlook the transformed Milan side that took to the pitch in the second half, a side bursting at the seams with determination. We witnessed a dangerous and dynamic Milan that played 45 minutes of flawless football. What are the true signs of a quality coach? Is it demolishing a team from kick-off to the final whistle, or is it falling on your face, having the ability to regain moral in your squad, completely evaluate your faults and correct every mistake during the break. For me the latter is a much more admirable and significant asset in a team leader. Terim has shown me a glimpse of the team I wanted to see, a team with unity and style…something Milan undeniably lacked during the Zaccheroni era. Milan is slowly taking the shape of a team that can compete with the other big boys of the league and perhaps challenge for the title. This is clearly no longer the bland and lost side we’ve painfully watched crumble over the past few years, this is a team with personality and most importantly, creativity. Terim has already proven to be the man for the job, all he needs now is a little patience from us. He’s already built the weapon, now he just needs the media and fans to quietly wait while he sharpens the blade.

Written by Alex Manghisi

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