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Thank you, Leo!
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If it wasn’t for the too many injuries, for the missed matches and for his love for “the game”, Leonardo would still be with Milan. But he loves soccer and he wants to play, and that’s why he chose to go home and end his career there, in Brasil. It’s a simple story, and Leonardo says that it must not be a sad one.
“I don’t want my leaving Milan to become a reason for sadness and sorrow; I’m leaving this team happy for what I have accomplished and for everything I’ve learned here”, said Leonardo.
We must respect his wish and his decision, although it was taken against the will of most of the club’s officials and fans. We got used to thinking that he will be always there, that no matter where or when, injured or not, we can always count on his presence. Well, it’s no longer like this. He’s going back to Brazil, to end his career playing, enchanting the supporters and being once again “The great Leonardo”, a true artist of the field.
One thing is for sure: Leonardo, in his last match for Milan, will not only be the captain of the team, but the captain of all Milan fans’ heart.
Good luck and a big Thank you, Leonardo de Araujo Nascimento, for the magic moments you’ve given us. We, the fans, hope to hear from you soon, for this is not good-bye…

Written by Lelia Rotaru

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