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Did Sergino Dest Make the Right Choice Picking the US National Team Over the Netherlands?
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AC Milan full-back Sergino Dest chose to play for the USMNT over the Netherlands at this year's World Cup in Qatar. Whenever a professional footballer has two nationalities and a boat-load of talent, it presents them with a difficult decision of which national team they want to represent.

This was the case for Sergino Dest, who decided to play for the United States instead of the Netherlands. Still, his nation of birth eventually eliminated the Stars and Stripes from the Qatar tournament.

Why Did Dest Choose the USMNT?

Ultimately, Dests' choice was always to side with the squad he felt more comfortable with, with the team that made him feel more trust and loyalty. The former Ajax defender and current Barcelona loanee playing for AC Milan in the Serie A distanced himself from the hype surrounding his choice. Dest knew he had to make the correct decision whether it was for the USMNT, where he'd played at numerous youth teams during his teenage years, or the Netherlands, his country of birth.

"A lot of people only love you when things are going well," Dest commented during an interview with ESPN.

"The USMNT helped me when things weren't going well, and I'm grateful for that. They helped me through the tough times, and if they hadn't given me a chance, maybe I wouldn't have made it to Ajax. Maybe I would have never made it to this level."

A Key Player for the USA

Another reason why Dest could've chosen the USMNT over Holland is that his role in the US squad is more stable, and he's significantly more valuable to this team.

However, aged 22, this is just the beginning, as Dest and the US team are the most promising generation of American players the nation has ever had. Dest enjoys playing alongside a group that's evolved into a top-tier side - including Christian Pulisic and wants to make history for US football that hasn't been previously accomplished.

Despite living with his parents (Dutch mother, Surinamese-American father), it doesn't seem like the bright lights will change Dests' persona. "I stay focused. I'm not someone who talks nonsense to the other guys," Dest said. "I don't look at other guys. I just focus on getting better."

Although he's primarily a defender, his strong defensive skills aren't the only skillset Dest boasts. He's the owner of a mean strike. He has netted two international goals for the US team, one of which came against Jamaica during a 4-1 international friendly success in Columbus, Ohio.

With time on his side, Dest will undoubtedly evolve into a player worth betting on; whether he's placed in a starting XI domestically or internationally, avid bettors should consider his potential growth, and don't forget to utilize a BetMGM Ohio bonus code.

Dest and his Dream

"There was a guy I used to play street football with, and he once told me, 'You never have to stress because if you stress out, you're going to do strange things in football.' And that's what I always think," he said. "Even now, if someone is trying to push me or run after me, I just think about it and have it in the back of my mind."

"That's why I'm so grateful to America," He continued. "They helped me through the tough times."

Dest represented the US team during the U17 World Cup and played a vital role at the U20 World Cup. This gave him a taste of performing at a high level in front of massive crowds as he continued to play out the dreams he had always dreamt.

The Netherlands eliminated the USMNT from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but I don't believe Dest would've made a different choice if he could go back. It's evidently the nation he feels most respected with. Although Dutch critics have shared their disliking of his decision, he'll remain a well-respected player at an international level in North America.

Dest has played for a handful of European giants, including Ajax, Barcelona, and now, AC Milan. Combined with his international caps, the experience he's garnered at a young age could position him as one of the world's best future defenders.

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