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How Technology Has Changed Football
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AC Milan has changed a lot over its 120 year history. Founded originally as Milan Foot-Ball and Cricket Club by two Englishmen who lived and traded in the city, this connection to England can be seen in the clubís crest which contains a red cross on a white background. Coincidentally, this is the flag of both England and Milan.

It wasnít long before the clubís English founders would step away though, when in 1908 a split occurred because of disagreements about whether international players should be allowed to compete in the team. This led to the creation of Inter Milan, and the renaming of Milan Foot-Ball and Cricket Club to AC Milan.

A Changing Sport

AC Milan has grown and changed a lot in the intervening 112 years, winning 18 Serie A titles, 5 Coppa Italia titles, 7 Champions League titles, and the FIFA Club World Cup.

In this time, the team has also seen football change a lot. The sport has become far more professional and commercialised, bringing in significant amounts of money from sponsorship and TV broadcasters.

Another major factor that has changed football in recent years has been technology. Here are some of the ways in which it has affected the beautiful game.

Football Betting

Betting on sport has been around for about as long as sport itself. Originally it woulf have been an informal arrangement between friends and acquaintances, but formal bookmakers quickly professionalised the activity. Brick and mortar betting shops were the only way fans could bet on sports for a long time, until the internet came along.

Thanks to the internet, sports betting has changed significantly over the last couple of decades. Just like the online casinos and real money poker rooms that set the trend, bookmakers have developed platforms that let fans place bets on sports games from anywhere using their smartphone. Most major bookmakers around the world take bets on Serie A and the other competitions AC Milan competes in.


VAR has been a controversial subject ever since it was first introduced to English football at the beginning of the 2019-20 season, but it has been a part of Italian football for a little longer. Serie Aís implementation of goal line technology means there are less VAR interruptions for goal/no goal decisions than in other leagues. Itís introduction has also increased the amount of injury time added to games, meaning AC Milan players must make their stamina go a little further.

Buying Tickets

Technology has made it much easier for fans to buy tickets to football games. As well as the traditional methods of ticket sales, such as AC Milanís Casa Milan ticket office, fans can now get their tickets online. This means they can buy in advance and donít have to make a special trip. Fans can save time and money this way, since they avoid paying for an extra journey.

Although there has been a crackdown on ticket reselling in recent years, some specialist websites allow fans to sell unwanted tickets to other fans. This helps them to recoup the cost of the ticket if theyíre no longer able to attend the game.

Overall, football has changed a lot during its long history. However, recent technological advancements have sped up this change both on and off the pitch, mostly to the betterment of the fan experience.

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