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No European Adventure for AC Milan This Season
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The season hasnít even started and already itís bad news for AC Milan fans. The team will not be playing in the Europa League 2019/20, following a breach of UEFAís financial fair play (FFP) regulations. Itís a decision that has allowed Torino, who finished seventh, to replace them and AS Roma to go straight into the group stage.

Whatís going on?

The club have struck up a deal with UEFA and agreed to sit out the tournament for one year, following the recognition that it had been overspending. Under UEFA financial fair play rules, clubs are not allowed to make losses of more than Ä30 million euro over three seasons, but the association deemed the club to have done this when they spent 200 million on transfers between 2015 and 2017, followed by further spending in 2018.

Itís not the first time that the club has come into conflict with UEFA over its financial conduct, but the club appealed against the first set of sanctions successfully and avoided a two-year ban. This new decision will give AC Milan to tidy up its finances.

What happens next?

The decision will give the club the chance to get their game in order, too. Last season, they had a disastrous campaign under Gennaro Gattuso. They went out in the group stages, finishing third behind Real Betis and Olympiakos. Gattuso resigned after failing to qualify for the Champions League.

Things could be different now that Marco Giampaolo is in charge and heíll be focusing on Serie A, which will give the new coach time to settle in and work with his players without the pressure of European competition hanging over him just now. Both the club and the fans will be hoping he can restore AC Milan to greatness ó and to bring back beautiful football to the club. AC Milan havenít finished in the top four in Serie A since 2013.

One thing is for sure, though. Giampaolo wonít have it easy. Antonio Conte and Maurizio Sazzi have both returned to the league, taking charge of Inter Milan and Juventus respectively, and Giampaolo is expecting it to be a competitive season. He also considers the overall mentality of many teams to have changed to the extent that even smaller clubs come to the club attack-minded.

Who do you fancy to win it?

With so much happening off the pitch in Serie A, it all makes live betting online extremely exciting, to say the least, and you may well fancy AC Milan to take the league title. The coach has spent four seasons in the top flight now ó enough to make it happen.

His style of play at Sampdoria has earned him a whole lot of praise, with tactics that earned the team a reputation for dominating possession, allowing them to build a strong defensive record and a solid attacking one as well. Itís all about keeping the defence compact and organised; passing ó with lots of short passes to open up spaces ó and pressing in the midfield; and making the attack count. Hopefully, he can make it work for AC Milan.

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