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Was AC Milan’s Spending Spree Worth It?
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AC Milan got a decent cash injection following the Chinese-led acquisition, which rounded up to $800 million. This was a big milestone in AC Milan’s history,that shifted the club’s strategy in a new direction. The management opened their wallets and brought “fresh blood” in the team, which was supposed to take the “Rossoneri” at the top of the leaderboard. After a dozen games, we have enough data to evaluate this truly bold decision. We have witnessed similar situations which ended infamously, like the gigantic investments PSG and Chelsea have made in the past. Have they had any major success? We tend to disagree.

New Players for New Trophies - Does it Really Work that Way?

Big budgets make expensive squads, they definitely don’t make great teams. There are many good examples which perfectly confirm this. Even the grand Real Madrid had to settle down and create a team with chemistry that can deal with Europe’s greatest. Another good example is PSG, which hasn’t had any major success out of France. They perform quite well in France, but when it comes to international competitions, they simply can’t take the pressure.

AC Milan definitely needed new players that can make a change. Leonardo Bonucci, who is considered as Italy’s finest defender, fits the overall club mentality, defense is more important than having big striker names who can settle the score with a few moves. In spite of this strong “reinforcement” of the defensive line, AC Milan still has a negative goal difference in Serie A.

Stout Defense Breeds Consistency

The Italian top football league is known for the fierce rivalries, tie outcomes and it’s also known as the home of some of the best defenders the general football audience has ever seen. This is what makes the Serie A exciting, attractive and most importantly, it’s what makes it distinctive.

A top-notch defensive line usually comes with high consistency. A clean sheet, although not the best outcome, can be a driving motivation force for the next match. Lucas Biglia, Leonard Bonucci and Andrea Conti along with Franck Kessie were brought to AC Milan to establish a strong defensive that will keep any threats at bay. Gianluigi Donnarumma also vested his trust in AC Milan, which to be honest, didn’t make impactful changes. After all, we’re here to evaluate the club’s situation and form as a team in general.

Hypothetically, if AC Milas had a goal difference that’s slightly better, they’d be contenders for some of the European competitions. This was the objective and the reason behind the ludicrous transfers. Again, we’re not saying that they weren’t needed. Instead, we strongly supported this decision.

AC Milan’s Looking Good in Europa League, Dominating Group D

However, not all is that bad. AC Milan’s in good shape in Europa League. The Rossoneri crushed Austria Wienna, which conceded 5 goals. This was a grand opening for the Milanesse. Although the match was close, AC Milan were also victorious versus the Croatian Rijeka. Lastly, AEK was a tough nut to crack and Milan’s home match ended without any goals. This surely tilted football sports betting enthusiasts.

Currently, Milan’s the leader in the group with a 2 point lead on AEK and 4 points ahead of Rijeka. It’s safe to say that they will move to the next stage. One can argue, “The investment is paying off, Milan’s getting its dividends”. It’s still, only the first stage of the competition. Once the low-tier clubs are out of the competition, AC Milan will encounter some serious squads, like Arsenal for instance. At the very least, AC Milan can boast its acclaimed players.

Final Summation - Is AC Milan Going to Kick it up a Notch

The biggest problem that arises following major spending is that both fans and the management raise their expectations too high. It’s probably going to take a year or two for the team to consolidate its qualities, its skills, and all new players to finally settle down, and start feeling comfortable.

Currently, they’re wearing shoes that are too big for them. In 2 months or so, there’s going to be a new transfer window, and we’re quite suspicious about it, AC Milan’s going to make a move once again. Maybe this time around, they’re going to find the missing puzzle that can turn things around, and bring AC Milan closer to the reigning champion Juventus, and the current leader Napoli.

There are great challenges ahead, and this squad looks promising, but it still isn’t working properly. Maybe it’s not the players? Maybe it’s the coach? Who knows. Unless the management decides to experiment, we can’t really find out, can we? Vincenzo Montella has a lot on his plate, and unless he gets a grip of the squad, he’s getting the boot. AC Milan is hungry for success, thirsty for trophies.

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