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Infographic: Biggest Sponsorships
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The biggest clubs across Europe not only compete for the Champions League but also for the biggest kit manufacturing deal. Come the 2018/19 season, Barcelona will officially hold the record for the biggest sponsorship when their contract extension with Nike starts.

With the Catalan giants expected to rake in around 140 million a season, the Champions League might start to favour Barcelona once again if they manage to spend the money wisely. The following infographic takes a look at the biggest sponsorship deals in comparison to club revenue as well as how they compare to the biggest transfer records of each club. You can do your own football betting here ahead of another huge week across the major European leagues.

Nike and Adidas are the big spenders in kit manufacturing and often alternate between the top teams in the world. Although there are brands like Under Armour and Puma who have been rumoured as having offered big money deals to those big teams.

When the deals are due for renewal, it is likely that we will see more figures of over 100 million per season being offered as these brands like to be featured by the very best and they know that they will have to pay in order to achieve this.

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