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Seria A Prediction League is back
27.8 || Seamus

Seria A Prediction League is back! With the upcomming season we all felt that we should do the SAPL again for all you Milan fans out there. The rules are as follows:

RULES for the Serie A Prediction League including UEFA Cup, Champion's League and Coppa Italia games.

1. Each week a new thread will be started on Monday by the moderators with a list of the upcoming weeks games. In this thread you should post your predictions on the what you think the actual out comes of the games will be. The easiest way is to copy/paste the list of games and to just insert the results that you think will happen.

Example: Milan 3-1 Udinese
Empoli 4-0 Inter, and so on... Listing all of the games and scores you predict.

Note: Do NOT start a thread if one does not yet exsist! A mod. or site admin. will do it each week on Monday for the games for the upcomming week and weekend's games. Any member starting the thread without permission will be docked 10 points.

2. Scoring: Scoring will be based on correct winner and correct result, being added up weekly until the end of the Season. One point will be awarded for the correct winner and one extra point will be awarded for the correct result.

If you predict Milan 3-1 Udinese and Empoli 4-0 Inter
and actual results are Milan 3-1 Udinese and Empoli 5-0 Inter.
You would receive 3 points - 2 for picking Milan as the winner and
predicting the correct score and you would get 1 point for getting the correct winner, but not the correct result of the Empoli/Inter Game.

(you may predict ties as well, 1 point for the game actually resulting in a tie, and 1 extra point if you predict the correct score of the tie)

3. Predictions MUST be entered before the start of the weekends games. Any post that is received after the start of the games will be discounted. Also, any post edited after the start of the games will also be discounted and will not count towards the overall total.

4. A Sticky Thread will inserted into the Forum Seria A Prediction League with a running total of how each member is doing overall for predictions in Seria A. We will also be doing predictions for the Champion League and Coppa Italia weekly in seperate threads later in the season, and these predictions will also count towards the overall results (more below). The overall results will be a combination of league games, UEFA, CL, and Coppa italia. In this thread there will also be the overall standing for CL and Coppa Italia predictions and these points will be included each week in the oover all total. The overall total will be updated after each weekeds games and is just there to show the overall point total each participant has. This thread is not for discussions, just to show how everyone is doing overall.

5. The weekly total will be found in the thread for that week after the games have been finished and the weekly threads will remain open after the scores have been calculated so that people can talk about how they did the previous week.

6. The Champions League and Coppa Italia will also be added to the contest when the reach the appropriate stages of the competitions. The UEFA Cup will start from the beginning, the UEFA Champion's League will begin starting in the group stages and the Coppa Italia will begin in the 1/8 finals. Because these games are during the week they will have a separate thread each week in the same Seria A Prediction League Forum. This makes it easier for the mods and participents to enter their predictions and to calculate the results. (This will be done to prevent people from posting their CL and Coppa Italia predictions on Monday, the games happen on Wed., the results are added up then in the same thread later they post the Sera A prediction for the same week. If this occurs the mods will have to go back and check everything for correct times and edits. To prevent this the CL and Coppa Italia will be included, but just in a different thread each week than the league games for that week. All of the predictions league, CL, and Coppa Italia will be located in the Seria A Prediction League Forum)

7. If the SAPL ends in a tie, we will decide as to what should be the tie breaker at that time.

8. Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 winners of the overall Seria A Prediction League (including the UEFA Cup, CL and Coppa Italia). The member who has the highest number of points will be given 1st pick of the prizes. The member with the second highest number of points will get second pick, and third places get last pick. Prizes are yet to be determined.

Below is an short example of how the game will be set up:

Week one league results (which would be posted in the thread of that week)
scharatz 15 points
seamus 10 points
david 12 points

So the 1st sticky (after the 1st week) would read:
scharatz 15 points
seamus 10 points
david 12 points

week 2 league results (which would be posted in the thread of that week)
scharatz 15 points
seamus 13 points
david 15 points

Then the mods would edit the post in the 1st stickey accordingly to:
scharatz 30 points
david 27 points
seamus 23 points

Week three league results (which would be posted in the thread of that week)
seamus 15 points
David 12 points
Scharatz 13 points

Week three CL & Cup results (which would be posted in the thread of that week)
David 6
Scharatz 6
Seamus 3

Then the mods would edit the post in the 1st stickey accordingly to:
scharatz 47 points
david 45 points
seamus 41 points
Another post in this thread would say:
CL & Cup overall results (this points have already been added to the SAPL overall point total)
David 6
Scharatz 6
Seamus 3

An so on, and so on...

9. Please post your prediction is the following manner. Let say you think Milan (away team) win beat Modena (home team) 3 to nothing. It should be posted in the following manner:

Modena 0-3 Milan, 2

Home Team then Predicted Score then Away Team, then the Winner # (home team is always 1 and away team is always 2)

If you predict a tie it should be like:

Modena 1-1 Milan, X

10. Please only post your prediction once each week! If you would like to change your prediction BEFORE the weekends games just edit your previous post. Any member who posts 2 predictions in 1 week for that competition, their prediction points will not be counted for that week.
Some weeks there will be two threads, one for the league games and one for the Coppa Italia/UEFA Cup/Champion's League games as stated before, it is fine to post a 1 prediction in the league games thread and 1 prediction in the Coppa Italia/CL thread. Just do not post more that 1 prediction per thread, edit your 1st tread if you would like to change it. Also, please try to post your predictions before Friday if at all possible. Any predictions recieved after the start of the the games will not count.

If you have any questions about the rules or any questions in general about the game please PM either Scharatz or Seamus and we would be glad to clairify and questions you may have. Good Luck!!!

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