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Carraro to Galliani: The League must take a stand in fovour of the credibility of football
15.11 || Seamus

This is the integral text of the letter that President Carraro sent to the president of the National professional League Adriano Galliani:

"Dear President,

Attached is today's FIGC-AIA notice .
I don't think I need to explain the contents and the reasons for this.

I hope that during the League's Assembly of Friday November 15th, you could draw the attention of the League on a very important issue.

Italian football, at professional level, has consistent economic problems that have been identified and which we are trying to solve.

The situation is complex also because the Italian and international economic context make it difficult to foresee that the shareholders of the teams may and want to pour new resources into the teams every year, to cover the management deficit.
Football though is very lucky: the interest and the enthusiasm of the people in our activity continues to be very high, the number of fans in the stadiums increases, the interest in the TV programs dedicated to football increases. Despite the economic difficulties of the moment, the profits are still substantial.

Counting on the idea that everybody likes the football product is an extremely positive aspect and helps face the problems.
If the enthusiasm around our matches increases, it means the people believe in the honesty of the results. This credibility is however questioned by people belonging to this sector.
The players behave well in the field and out; the coaches sometimes get carried away with discussions, but on the whole they remain within the right limits. On the other hand, some managers of the teams use very harsh expressions to attack our credibility.

There are federal regulations, penal and civil codes and the relevant bodies will apply them, and quickly.
I believe that the League's Assembly must clearly say whether it considers the Italian football system credible or not.
As regards the referees, an intense organizational job has been carried out jointly to assure the best performances. Our organization is even considered a model to follow abroad. When our referees work abroad they always make a good impression.
Naturally the Federation and the AIA are ready to examine any organizational proposal able to improve the situation, but the level of the criticisms supported by some of the managers is such that I believe it is important for the Assembly to say something about it.

Please feel free to contact me for any clarifications. We offer our full cooperation."

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