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Is 2002 Milan's year?
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This column is written by Rodriguez. You can send him your feedback at

Is 2002 Milan's year? I've said it loads of times, but it is mainly down to fullfilling potential.

The answer is yes, if our current players get together and play to the best of their abilities. It will be even more likely if some of our injured players come back.

We have the best squad in Serie A, so if every team played to their true potential, we, in theory , should win. If people don't agree that we have the best squad, that's fine, but if you compare the top teams, we have a great line up of players to rival the likes of Real Madrid.

Attackers? Sheva is the best, Moreno used to have a habbit of scoring a lot (it's a habbit that will return soon), and Pippo was described by Nesta as "a defender's worst nightmare", and this is not based on his theatrics. Not to mention young talent (Kutuzov, Aliyu etc.).
The only team in Serie A that rivals us in this sense is Inter. Ronaldo and Vieri are the best forward combo in the world while Kallon and Ventola are good understudies. Roma, Juve and Lazio just don't have the same quality up front.

Playmakers? Manuel Rui Costa. When he finds his true best form... enough said. Pirlo is a good sub for him, very good in fact.
Inter may have the best forward combo, but they lack a good playmaker. I'm very glad they sold us Pirlo. Juve can't use Del Piero as a playmaker any more because they don't have enough strikers, Fiore and Liverani of Lazio are not that great, and Roma may have Totti, but he is not as good as Rui.

Midfield? On the wings, Serghino and Contra are a very good pair, but not the best in Serie A. They are second to Roma in that department. Don't need to explain why. Inter's are pretty good, Lazio's are OK too, same goes for Juve.
In the centre, we have the best players. Albertini is amazing, so is Ambro, Donati is going to be one of the best in a few years, and you could say that Redondo is potentially one of the best, if you can imagine him getting near his old form. Roma almost rival us in that respect, it's hard to choose really. Lazio's is potentially excellent with Mendieta, Juve's is poor, Inter are behind Roma because they don't have a player like Albertini or Tommasi who controls the game well.

In defense, Juve are the best, Lazio and Roma follow. Inter are behind them along with us. Even though Carlo has done great things with the defense, I can say it is definitely not the best.

Looking over my very vague comparison, I think in terms of potential of our squad, we are the best, but only just better than Roma. What we have that they don't is great forwards, they just have good forwards.

All these teams are good, and there are no huge differences when it comes to quality of the players, but there are things that will make a difference.

With so many variables it's difficult to say if we can win it this year, but being a fan you must have faith, especially since Serie A is so unpredictable. Whoever wins it this year will be able to say that they had a fair bit of luck on their side.

To answer the question "is 2002 Milan's year?", I don't know yet, it has only just started.

Seriously, if you mean is this going to be the year when we win the Scudetto, of course it is! We are the only magical team because we win games by margins like 6-0 whatever coach or players we have. The Scudetto will be ours this year, because we're Milan.

Forza Milan!

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